Battle Plan #2

Pictures, here weigh-ins and measurements Before I start on the second battle plan, we need a dose of reality here.  I just came off a weekend of fun, family and disaster.  I failed to remain focused with my plans to battle weight loss. I lost some battles in the process, however, I am back focusing […]

Back to Basics w/ Steve- Battle Plans

Battle Plans for Slaying the Enemy Before we begin, buy we pause for a side note. Our friends at Mayo Clinic have just put out a short blog about how counting calories may not be the tried and true solution to follow anymore for weight loss. Unfortunately they didn’t offer a new plan to follow. […]

Back 2 Basics with Steve- H20 Part 2

Quality of Water Now that we have discussed the hydration issue and the importance of consuming at least 8 cups of water a day, let’s tackle the quality of water you have to choose from. Do you know the difference between spring, filtered, purified and tap waters? You would be surprised. Let’s find out.

Back to the Basics with Steve- H2O

Clear Pee By 3 Greetings to all, mind I would like to start out by saying I am not a gym rat, nor am I spitting image of the best health. What I can say is that have been motivated the idea of L4L 365 project that is embedded in this website. If you get […]