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L4L Funded Research

1 CD43 Molecule- Dr. Carl Simon Shelly of Gundersen Health System, story La Crosse, WI.   Dr. Shelly is exploring the implications of the CD43 molecule in the fight against lung cancer.  The CD43 molecule is basically a Teflon-like barrier that lung cancer can produce on its own tumors preventing the immune system, or even chemotherapy, from attaching to it and destroying it.  Dr. Shelley is one of the most passionate researchers that we have ever met, and with his discovery of the CD43 molecule and the further exploring he and his team are doing, we sincerely believe that we will soon start changing the survival rates that lung cancer brings with it at later stages of the disease.  For more information, click here.


2 Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Research- Addario Lung Cancer Medial Institute. Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Research and is a part of the Addario Lung Cancer Medial Institute (ALCMI- pronounced ‘alchemy’).  One thing that we noticed when we started Living For Liz is that the lung cancer community seemed to notice a rise in the occurrence of lung cancer in young patients.  Another thing that we noticed was that there wasn’t any research trying to determine why that was happening.  The Young Lung project (happening both in the US and Europe) is trying to lay the groundwork to figure that out.  For more information, click here.



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