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Welcome to L4L’s lung cancer research page. This is a very important page for us. This is where we hope to fill in the blanks. There have been no advances in lung cancer since 1971. We need your help in changing that. We have done our best to pull together a list of current research being done on lung cancer in the Western Wisconsin area, and we are always looking to make that list grow to the best of the best worldwide.

Right now, lung cancer research resources are few.  We need your help in finding a proper screening test. Currently there are no tests to detect lung cancer in non-smokers. And more importantly, we need to find a cure.

Click on the tabs above to see what resources we have found and find a link to contact us to share resources that you may know about or are a part of. And finally, if you are able to make a donation to Living For Liz, please click the ‘Let’s Make A Difference Together Tab’. Monies received will go directly to lung cancer research and the growth of current lung cancer research.

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Current Research & Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trial Research – Information

Here is some information current lung cancer research as well as information on clinical trials taking place in the Western Wisconsin area:


1CD43 research– Gundersen Lutheran


2Lung Cancer Clinical Trials– Gundersen Lutheran


3Lung Cancer Clinical Trials- Mayo Clinic


Can you help us add to this list?

If you are aware of more lung cancer research or have more information on clinical trials in Western Wisconsin as well as throughout the world please contact us.

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Please donate to our cause. Your money will go directly to lung cancer research.  With your help we can fill this page with more research and clinical trial information to help not only people in Wisconsin but all over the world.  And hopefully someday find a cure.  Let’s see what we can do together!!

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