Juicing is one step closer to achieving a whole foods, plant based diet.  By juicing, not only are you sure to get a good amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet, but you will also be reducing your risk of cancer, boosting your immune system, and removing toxins from your body!!


What do you mean, ‘Toxins’?

Let’s talk a little bit about toxins. Toxins enter the body through the air, unhealthy food, alcohol and prescription drugs and can disrupt the body’s natural processes and its ability fight off illness.  Flushing the body of toxins will help restore proper functioning and put you back on the road to optimal health. –LiveStrong

Chances are, if you’re eating the typical American diet, full of processed foods and loaded with artificial ingredients, you’re putting toxins into your body faster than your body can get rid of them. This is why detoxing is such an important part in staying healthy. Detoxing will boost your immune system and energy levels, clear up your skin, increase metabolism to aid weight loss and improve organ function and digestive health. Juicing is the perfect way to eliminate waste and toxins and nourish your body at the same time! Click here to find out if you need to detox!

OK! Ready to start juicing?!  Remember, moderation is key! Click here to read a great article on 5 things you need to know about juicing before you begin.


Yeah, But . . . What do I juice?

Here is L4L’s favorite recipe: The Green Drink!!

Ingredients (makes approx 32oz of juice- enough for 2 people):

    • 1 bag or 1 bunch of kale *tip: juice the kale first!
    • A stalks of celery
    • 2-4 green apples (depending on size)
    • 1 cucumber
    • 1 lemon
    • 1 small piece of ginger root

(Very similar to the “Mean Green” juice recipe made by Joe Cross in the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.)


Anything else we should know?

Living For Liz Tip - JuicersYes.  We are so happy that you want to start juicing! Watching Liz go through what she went through made a huge impact on us.  We promised and choose to live well for her, every day.

As you explore juicing have fun.  Search around for other recipes. The options are endless. We do suggest that you try and incorporate Kale, however. In addition to having tons of protein in it we suggest that you read up on its benefits… we bet you will be surprised!!

Living For Liz

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