We are are living for Liz.  Literally.  Who are you living for?   And how are you going to do it?  You can live EVERY DAY for the ones you’ve lost by eating right!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  But what about 5 apples…. and a bag of kale, celery, cucumbers, lemons and ginger root?  Those are the ingredients in L4L’s favorite “green drink”.

We want to preface this section by saying L4L is not licensed in nutrition…. yet.   And most of our suggestions come from research that you could do on your own, but we will make it super easy for you. Start by watching the following documentaries.  They changed our lives and they will change yours.



All three documentaries have one thing in common- they talk about the importance of eating a WHOLE FOODS, PLANT BASED diet. What does that mean?  “Whole, minimally refined plants, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.  Avoid animal based foods such as meat, dairy and eggs, as well as processed foods like, bleached flour, refined sugars and oil.” (FOK)

But isn’t that hard to do? NO! In fact, here are 5 EVERYDAY tips to help you achieve a whole foods, plant based diet:

5 EVERYDAY tips to achieving a whole foods, plant based diet

1 Juice–  “Proponents say that juicing is better for you than is eating whole fruits and vegetables because your body can absorb the nutrients better and it gives your digestive system a rest from working on fiber. They say that juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help you remove toxins from your body, aid digestion, and help you lose weight”  – Mayo Clinic nutritionist, Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D., L.D.  Click here to read more about juicing and to get L4L’s favorite juicing recipe!


2 Eat less animal protein– “The over-consumption of animal protein sources is known to play a significant role in major illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease. In the book “The China Study” by Thomas Campbell, Ph.D. and his son Thomas Campbell, II it is reported that casein, which makes up 87 percent of milk protein, promotes all stages of cancer. This is in contrast to plant proteins, like those found in wheat and soy, which do not promote cancer even at high levels.”  – LiveStrong  Click here to learn more about the benefits of eating plant protein.


3 Eat Organic- click here to learn more about what organic means and the importance of eating organic.


4 Stay away from processed foods such as bleached flour, refined sugars & oils.  An easy way to do this is by 1.) reading labels 2.) avoiding meals that you microwave 3.) not eating out… don’t do it… just don’t!!  Click here to learn more about “good for you” grains, sugars, oils & fats.


5 Eat healthy snacks… AND DO NOT DRINK SODA!  Click here for 85 REAL FOOD snack ideas and an alternative option to soda!