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Everyday Living

We are are living for Liz.  Literally.  Who are you living for?   And how are you going to do it?  You too can live for the ones you have lost by educating yourself on proper cancer prevention. Begin LIVING every day!


Making Changes For The People We Love

While there are no tests to detect lung cancer in non smokers and we have not seen a decline in lung cancer related deaths since 1971 – we do know that through diet and exercise we can boost the body’s natural ability to cure itself and fight disease. And what better way to live for our loved ones than by taking care of ourselves, every day.

  • Diet – The best way to introduce the new ideas about diet that we want to share with you is to recommend three movies that, while Liz was still fighting to overcome her cancer, made a huge impact on our lives. Plus, we added 5 EVERYDAY tips to achieving a whole foods, plant based diet. – Read more.
  • Exercise – In addition to boosting the immune system you might be surprised what other benefits a little exercise every day can do. – Read more.

Living For Liz