Bet On A Cure For Lung Cancer – Thank you for participating!

Hello there!

If you have not done so already you should be getting an email from PayPal confirming your ticket(s). Please be sure to either save that email or receipt with your confirmation number as a PDF and have it ready to show when checking in at the door on the night of the event or (better yet) print it up for us.

We are doing everything we can to make sure that your name(s) make it to our main list at the door but this would help make sure that everything moves smoothly.

Here are the details of our event one more time:

  • When: Saturday, November 12, 2016
  • Where: Piggy’s Restaurant, La Crosse, WI

We look forward to seeing you on the 12th. And if you have not done so already, will you please check out our social media profiles and like/follow us? It really helps with our primary purpose which is to increase awareness about lung cancer and raise money for lung cancer research.  If you hover over the little floating tab thing to the right you can choose you link/social media profile of choice —>