Battle Plan #2

Pictures, here weigh-ins and measurements

Before I start on the second battle plan, we need a dose of reality here.  I just came off a weekend of fun, family and disaster.  I failed to remain focused with my plans to battle weight loss. I lost some battles in the process, however, I am back focusing on the goal ahead and what I need to do to achieve it.

As I told you all in the beginning, these blogs are coming from me, an average person just like you.  We don’t always follow what we give out as advice, but we should.  So, let’s get back to the battle plans, shall we?

Pictures: It is not necessary for you to strip down to your BVDs and take a front, side and back picture. That is unless you want to. I am sure that you have someone in your group of friends or family that has a current “large” picture of you. See if they can get copies; put how much you weighed and the date on the back.  Now you need to put it some place where it will remind you of what you are trying to lose. Two places I can think of (and where mine are going to go) are the mirror in the bathroom and the refrigerator.  I might keep one in my wallet too… it will have plenty of room as there is no money in there!  Then as the weight comes off, you can relate it to where you started.

Incorporate the picture taking as part of your goals that you set up from the first Battle Plan earlier. Maybe after each pants or dress size change you experience you take a new picture; perhaps when you have reached a weight loss goal you were looking to achieve.  You decide as this is your path and pace.

Measurements: Something you should also do is take measurements of your body. You will need someone to assist you with this.  Men, generally we can go for neck, chest and abdomen. Neck should be horizontal just below the Adam’s apple. The chest should be at the nipple line and also horizontal with arms down. The abdomen should also be horizontal at the largest part but be over the navel. Women can use the same outline as the men, however, they may want to include the hips at the widest part.  These measurements need to done the same every time,  just like the weigh in times.  Write these down and store them away for the time being.

I have to be honest with you on this one. I did not do this when I started in November, however, I wish I had. The only measurement I can look at is the weight on the scale at the fitness center I use.  Which also reminds me, when you weigh in, you should use one scale as the primary weigh-in scale.  I am sure that you experienced weighing yourself at home (and feeling okay with this number), but then you go to the doctor’s office and find out you have gained 3-5 lbs during the drive over for your check-up!  So use the same scale for your weigh ins.

My plan is to perform these steps for the second phase of weight loss- the next 34 pounds.  The pictures, the measurements, the weigh ins…. I really better start practicing what I am preaching.

Weigh in: Now that you have your base data, you need to decide when you are going to compare the new to the old. We talked about when clothing sizes change, but you need to be consistent as to when you are going to do this.  I try to weigh myself every Friday morning. I suggest mornings before you get going for the day; the earlier the better. It is known in the weight loss community that the morning weight is the lowest of the day.  But regardless, if you can’t do a weigh in until the afternoon, so be it.  But you need to always weigh yourself at the same time. At this point I really don’t care when, how much or the scale you use to weigh in on, what we are looking for is the trend of weight loss. The scale is just a measurement tool.

If you can, weigh yourself without clothes.  However, if the scale is in the office setting, I would suggest wearing clothes!  Just be sure that each time you weight yourself you are wearing the same style and weight of clothing if you must wear them while on the scale. Remember, we are looking for trends here, not necessarily for exact weight…yet.

Remember this is the data part… your data. Be as honest and as accurate as you can. Follow the rest of the plan, and the following Battle Plans, and you should see changes to your physical self, and that will bring around positive changes to your mental self being as well.

Next up: Battle Plan #3- Organization-Be Prepared!