Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

It has been a year since you left us and went to live with God.  We still don’t know why the Creator needed you there more than we needed you here, and that is something that still leaves questions unanswered in our hearts. 

Lizzie - Living For LizElizabeth, you are terribly missed by all those that you have touched, and honey there are so many.  You have even touched many that have never met you but have heard your story.  You are mostly missed by those that were closest to you.

Matt, your newlywed husband, and all his family that made you one of their own, your earthly grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and of course Kevin, your brother, and your mother and father miss you so much.  Not a day goes by when we all don’t stop and think of you.

We smile when we see a sunset or sunrise and think that you might have had a hand in helping God with the color scheme, especially when it is so spectacular; and yet we shed a tear knowing we will only hear your laughter or see you in our dreams, memories and in our hearts.  We take comfort in knowing that you are watching over the little ones in the families as they begin their lives and take their first steps. We also know that you are watching over us too and are a part of our continuing lives, hard as it is without you.


All of us that continue to Live for Liz