Back to Basics w/ Steve- Battle Plans

Battle Plans for Slaying the Enemy

Before we begin, buy we pause for a side note. Our friends at Mayo Clinic have just put out a short blog about how counting calories may not be the tried and true solution to follow anymore for weight loss. Unfortunately they didn’t offer a new plan to follow. Apparently new research findings are raising questions as to the calorie content of all foods and how they were determined in the first place. Carbohydrates, hospital proteins and fats were given a caloric count based on the 1 gram of weight; carbs and proteins equaled 4 calories each at 1 gram, and fat was given 9 calories per 1 gram of weight.  As a result, Mayo currently claims that even the packaging labels were you find the calories per serving may not be accurate.

I take away two things from this information.  1.) It is not conclusive, and in the blog, there is no alternative given to counting calories except “eat less and exercise”… really?  2.) Regardless of  what the “new way” to weigh loss is going to be, we are using the calorie counting as more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. We are more concerned with the actual weight loss, and weight loss is accomplished by eating less and exercising more…I think I just read that…fascinating.

The opening of this Pandora’s Box will also have to look at the rate in which calories are burned. Are those calculations correct as well? For now, let’s leave this to the science researchers to figure out, and let’s get back to losing weight and being healthier.

So let’s review…..

  1. Hydration We know that hydration is one the most important weapons for health, also for weight loss. “Clear pee by three”.
  2. Honest and Accurate– We also have learned that an accurate and honest (really honest) assessment is the best start down the path of weight loss and healthier living.
  3. Secret formula We have learned the secret formula that weight loss plans, exercise equipment manufactures and fad diets try to keep a secret from us: “calories taken in minus calories used by the body will equal either weight loss or weight gain”.

You need to remember this one last thing.  This is going to be a slow process; no quick 20 pounds taken off before the bikini season or six pack abs popping out and forming before hitting the beach.  We are in it for the long haul. Get that in your head now, and you will be more successful.

With what you have been given so far, you have armed yourself to do the long battle with… well, you.  You can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Make yourself your ally and the battles will be easier to win.  Make yourself your enemy and the  struggles will be many, and defeat will be in your future.  You can no longer blame anyone else for failures in your weight loss and healthy living. That song ends right here.

The donut store on the corner is not your enemy, nor is it an ally. It is best to make it a non-entity. As they say in NYC- forget about it. It no longer exists. Your friends at work are not pushing food down your throat.  It is your own hands that are making the move to eat the cupcakes (or you, as your ally, can refuse to make the move to them).  We are talking about your will power to make the right choices and to remain on task and stick to the battle plan.  Let’s be honest, some days will be glorious victories and others will be stressful battles… but the war wages on.  You have the weapons… now you need the battle plans.

Did you make your diary for the week? What were the results? More than likely the majority of you had a surplus of calories at the end of every day, which is the reason for the extra padding that is weighing you down– both physically and maybe emotionally.  Time for us to start the battle, and here are battle plans I promised you.  I am going to give a short description of each so you can get started with the basics of weight loss now, but we will explore each of these in more depth for the next 5 weeks.

Battle Plan #1:  Goals: short term, mid-term and end goals

What are you trying to obtain here? How long are we talking about? Do you have an event in the future you want to look better for; a wedding perhaps or a class reunion?

Battle Plan #2: Pictures, weigh-ins and measurements

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Gather some photos of what you look like right now, or take a picture of yourself.  Date it and put down what the weight was on this date.

Battle Plan #3:  Organization – be prepared

Plan ahead.  Poor choices come from poor planning.  Figure out what your lunch will be the night before, and get it ready then. If you do, the next day you are grabbing a good for you “fast food” entree from the fridge on your way out to work.  

Battle Plan #4:  Six small, frequent meals – dump the “three square meals/day routine”

Six smaller meals throughout the day is the way to go- not three large meals and 2-3 snacks on top of that.

Battle Plan #5:  Exercise – something 3x per week to marathon training.

Some type of exercise needs to be done. If you start walking for 20 minutes min, 3 times a week, you will see yourself moving up the exercise latter as you get stronger and more in shape.

Starting next week we will dive into goal setting and rewards for meeting these goals. We will explore realistic goals that can be obtained by the methods that have been shared already.