Rethink The Grocery List

Making Small Changes to Incorporate Whole & Plant Based Foods

Each week, we are hoping to post a few small ways in which you can incorporate whole & plant based foods into your diet.  Our motto “don’t reinvent your diet, reinvent your grocery list!”

This week’s example: Tacos!

A health taco you say?  Sure, why not!  Here’s what you do:

1.) In a pan, saute onions and red & yellow peppers.  Then add tuna!

2.) Grab some whole wheat tortillas and spread hummus on them.

3.) When the tuna is warm, spread the tuna, onion and pepper concoction on top of the pita & hummus.  Add a little salsa, and top it with some slaw (broccoli slaw pictured here– it makes for a great CRUNCH!)

DONE!  Super easy and much better for you then tacos containing beef, sour cream and cheese wrapped in an enriched flour tortilla.

Eat Right, Fight Right <3 L4L