Rethink the Grocery List

Making Small Changes to Incorporate Whole & Plant Based Foods

Each week, we are hoping to post a few small ways in which you can incorporate whole & plant based foods into your diet.  Our motto “don’t reinvent your diet, reinvent your grocery list!”

This week’s example: Dip! 

By now you should know that L4L is all about snacking… as long as you snack right.  We have already talked about chips and the importance of eating chips made of whole foods.  But what what about dip?  What do we dip those chips into?  Easy… fresh, homemade guacamole dip!  Again, let’s look at food labels. Below is a label for Hidden Valley Ranch Guacamole Dip (click to enlarge).  Why put all those artificial ingredients into your body when you can have the real thing?

Here’s what you do. Buy some avocados, cut them up, and in a bowl mix up the avocados, a little salsa, fresh lime juice, black pepper, red pepper flakes and anything else you fancy… as long as it’s whole. It’s that easy!  Why not eat the real thing?!  Nothin’ more real than fresh avocados!






And no, they don’t just taste good either!  Let’s take a look at the nutrients in avocados:




Click here to read about the health benefits of avocados, which include:

  • Promote Heart Health
  • Wide-Ranging Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Optimized Absorption of Carotenoids
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Promotes Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Anti-Cancer Benefits


Eat Right, Fight Right!  <3 L4L