Back to the Basics with Steve- H2O

Clear Pee By 3

Greetings to all, mind

I would like to start out by saying I am not a gym rat, nor am I spitting image of the best health. What I can say is that have been motivated the idea of L4L 365 project that is embedded in this website. If you get a chance, patient check it out. I have a nursing background and have resources to trainers and nutritionists that can help me answer questions and get nutritional information out to all of us that will assist in improving our health.

So why should you listen to me about health and fitness? Because I am just like you. I am an average human being trying to get along in a large and confusing life being hit from all sides about health and fitness. There are hundreds, no thousands of websites and internet pages of advice. What to and not to eat, what to and not to drink. Latest study shows coffee is bad for you and the next day you should have at least one cup a day. Red wine is good for you, but don’t consume alcohol that is bad for you. Fluoride is good for you teeth, but it will kill you too. So much conflicting information….so we just shut down and go back to being comfortable with what we eat and drink and ignore what is really important. Let’s face it, the spectrum of variance is as far flung as the different political entities of the world. (No more political references, I promise)

In the weeks to come, we will try to separate myth from truth, mystery from reality and come up with simple solutions that the common human being can relate to and afford in changing what is consumed in both food and drink. For example, changing your grocery list and not entirely revamping what you normally eat. We are not going to get into exotic food meal plans. We will try different ones, but nothing that you will need to travel to the far reaches of the earth or order online because your local grocer or health food store has never heard of it before.

We are going to go back to basics, re-learn what we have learned before, but may have forgotten. Institute some new ideas from the group on preparation of old favorites. We are not going to get into yoga positions that will need the “jaws of life” to get back to a standing position, rather we will use basic movements and standard exercises that can be done virtually anywhere that will assist you in getting back to and maintaining a healthier you.


The following information is based on a normal functioning human body. There are medical conditions that have a strict limit to how much water is consumed on a daily basis. If you are unsure of your condition, consult with a medical provider before attempting to use the information.

So let’s get started. The first week we are going to talk about water. That’s right good old H2O.

Normally our bodies are made up of 60-90% water at any given time, according to numerous websites. We need water to survive. You can survive for 7-8 weeks without food, but you cannot normally survive more than 8-14 days without water. (These figures for food and water survival rates are ranges. It will vary greatly depending on environmental conditions, and also personal metabolize and the where the body was with weight and hydration at the start of dehydration and starvation).

What is amazing to me is that our body is always aware of its own condition. So what happens if you don’t drink the recommended at least eight 8 oz glasses of water a day (64 oz)? Your body goes into drought phase. Most of us are walking around right now in a dehydrated state.

It starts retaining what water it has control of.  Did you ever wonder why your urine changes color throughout the day? Maybe you haven’t but that is something you need to start taking notice of. If your urine is darker than usual and is starting to smell funky, your body is telling you, “Hey, I am hanging on to what we need to survive, and I don’t know when are going to get the next drink of water”.  Without getting too technical, cells all over your body are sending the message that it’s getting dry in the body. The kidneys are responding by not allowing the excess water to leave the body. Hence you are letting less urine out and it is dark and smelly, because we still need to get waste products out of our system. So we need to consume water. Not soda pop, not light beer, or coffee but water. These other “sources” of liquid that were listed have adverse effects on the hydration of your body.

QUALITY OF WATER-This is a whole subject on its own, and we will save this topic for another time.


Okay let’s say you are comfortable with your water supply. You are ready to commit to at least eight, 8oz glasses of water a day. Here we go….now you will notice the changes your body is going to go through once it is getting the water it needs.

1. At first you will feel an urge to use the bathroom more often. A curse. Remember your body doesn’t know the drought is over and all your inner reflection is not going to help speed this process up. It still is uncertain of the future, so it is still retaining what it needs to survive. This will pass. (Sorry no pun intended.) It might take a day or two.

2. When you do go, it will be small amounts and more frequency. You are also going to feel more boated, for now. When you feel bloated, you will want to stop drinking the water. Don’t stop, it gets better I promise.

3. As your body is adjusting to the new scheduled delivery of the water; you will find that your urgency is decreasing, and the amount of urine increasing. In addition, the color will become lighter and the smell less.  Your body is learning that the supply of water is coming on a regular basis and therefore there is no need to hold onto the survival tank of retained water. It will keep only what it needs to function properly. You will begin to feel better; less bloated and maybe have more energy. You might find that you can move easier too. There will also be a possibility of some weight loss. These are all good things for a healthier you.

Now that you have reinstated the hydro system of your body, you need to maintain it. At least eight, 8oz glasses of water a day is the maintenance plan. You can tell how you are doing during the day if you observe the signs your body is showing you.

If you are doing it right, drinking the right amount of water at the right intervals during the day, your urine will continue to be clear by the end of the day. Don’t worry if your first batch of urine is darker when you wake up. You have been asleep for the last 6-8 hours with no intake of water.  So you need to start all over again filling the tank. The old saying is still a good one. “Clear pee by 3”. Meaning, if your urine is clear by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you have done an adequate job of maintaining your hydro levels for that day. You have given your body its best chance to function properly.

Adequate hydration levels help in skin tone and elasticity, providing the moisture for joint health, flushing waste materials through the colon and kidneys, not to mention healthier bowel function.

Face it, we need water to survive. Right now you can get it relatively free so drink up.  Keep the levels high and enjoy the healthy feeling of a well-hydrated machine.  It is up to you; it’s your health.

Feel free to speak to this and start up a discussion. – Steven Holman , Co-founder Living For Liz