Rethink The Grocery List

Making Small Changes to Incorporate Whole & Plant Based Foods

Each week, we are hoping to post a few small ways in which you can incorporate whole & plant based foods into your diet.  Our motto “don’t reinvent your diet, reinvent your grocery list!”

This week’s example:  Juice!

You may think that just because you are drinking juice you are being healthy.  Think again.  What kind of juice are you drinking?  Have you looked at the label?   By now you probably know that L4L LOVES fresh juice (meaning we like to put fruits and veggies into a juicer to make our own fresh juice).  But what if you don’t have time to juice?  What if you just need a quick fix to quench your thirst?  Have no fear…. the answer is simple.  READ THE LABEL!  Get juice that is REAL.  Take this apple juice for example. Look at the ingredients: Pressed Apple Juice.  WHOA!  That’s great!  It’s as if they juiced the apples for you!  Try and find juice that contains fruit- JUST fruit. No added sugars, etc.  Your body will thank you!

Check out grocery stores like Whole Foods, Fresh & EasyTrader Joe’s or People’s Food Co-op. They are sure to carry these products!

Eat right, fight right!  <3 L4L